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For lawyers in private practice, corporate counsel, businesses, organizations, and government, we have a powerful subscriber edition built around our fully explorable law practice problem solving environment and intellectual capital system, Laugment.TM

It's an advanced lawyer augmentation system.

Laugment provides advanced, easy-to-use law practice thinking architecture via your desktop or handheld device browser.

As of November 2018, Laugment knew 336,000 words and phrases. Because they are interconnected by 1,418,000 smart relationships, Laugment functions as an intellectual network extending your own mind. It also serves as a dynamic semantically-powered gateway to the best of the larger legal Web. If you don't have scores of dedicated knowledge management lawyers working on your behalf -- or, frankly, even if you do -- you need Laugment.

As a lawyer, you need an advanced lawyer-built law practice knowledge assistant / electronic mentor in myriad ways in your daily practice. But until Laugment came on the scene, the Legal Web had no semantic "brain" to make it more useful to practicing lawyers. The empty search box can't do what Laugment can do - make your most valuable asset -- your legal mind -- sharper, quicker, and more creative than ever. How? By functioning as an "intellectual prosthesis" magnifying your law practice mind through years of law practice modeling and legal transactive memory effects. Here's what others have said.

If you're a client, if you hire outside counsel, let's talk about how we can mutually support your law firms' step up to 21st century-style law practice.

Call us or ask us to call you.

Disclaimer: Laugment is not intended to substitute for a lawyer but rather to magnify the powers of smart people and improve the lawyering process.


A Tour of our Search Collections

The LawMoose World Legal Resource Center community search engine currently provides 1 search collection.

This page tells you more about the contents of the collection.

  • World Law Sites

    This collection takes your search across the globe with the click of a button. The goal is to provide a more powerful gateway to legal information than any single legal directory site currently provides.

    Searching the World Law Sites collection connects you with national and international starting points for legal research - and only those sites.

    This collection indexes some or all of certain legal sites that hold themselves out as being comprehensive starting points for. Some of them have a decidedly international bent.

    If you are looking for a particular site, realize that World Law Sites is not a directory of sites, it is an index of pages of selected sites that in turn consist of legal web directory pages.

    Law librarians and professional web researchers recommend going to a starting point you can trust top launch your research. They do so in part to eliminate frustration of unfocused search engines and in part in the reasonable belief that editorial judgment has been exercised in selection of the listed resources.

    This lets you find and compare starting points for your research. It probably won't produce the ending point directly. But hopefully, the search result pages in World Law Sites will in turn take you directly to, or put you one or two clicks away from, what you are looking for. It's very much of a specialty collection and already, massively more powerful than any of the individual sites included. Why? Because its cross-directory search capability is exactly what you need to find the very best starting spot from all of the included sites and allow you to compare resources listed in various sites each offering its own selection.

    The key here, of course, is selecting truly valuable starting points that are not loaded up with a lot of destination content of their own. There are fewer good ones of that sort than one would hope, and we invite suggestions for others.


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