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For lawyers in private practice, corporate counsel, businesses, organizations, and government, we have a powerful subscriber edition built around our fully explorable law practice problem solving environment and intellectual capital system, Laugment.TM

It's an advanced lawyer augmentation system.

Laugment provides advanced, easy-to-use law practice thinking architecture via your desktop or handheld device browser.

As of November 2018, Laugment knew 336,000 words and phrases. Because they are interconnected by 1,418,000 smart relationships, Laugment functions as an intellectual network extending your own mind. It also serves as a dynamic semantically-powered gateway to the best of the larger legal Web. If you don't have scores of dedicated knowledge management lawyers working on your behalf -- or, frankly, even if you do -- you need Laugment.

As a lawyer, you need an advanced lawyer-built law practice knowledge assistant / electronic mentor in myriad ways in your daily practice. But until Laugment came on the scene, the Legal Web had no semantic "brain" to make it more useful to practicing lawyers. The empty search box can't do what Laugment can do - make your most valuable asset -- your legal mind -- sharper, quicker, and more creative than ever. How? By functioning as an "intellectual prosthesis" magnifying your law practice mind through years of law practice modeling and legal transactive memory effects. Here's what others have said.

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Disclaimer: Laugment is not intended to substitute for a lawyer but rather to magnify the powers of smart people and improve the lawyering process.


What's New at LawMoose - January - June 2003

  • May 5, 2003: Netscape users: Our home pages are more welcoming. We restored our Netscape style sheet. (Actually, we never intended to remove it, but we aren't perfect.) We truly appreciate reports of errors and suggestions for improvement.

    Wisconsin: Our Wisconsin home page is now enriched with links to periodicals sources available for free only to Wisconsin lawyers and/or Wisconsin residents. And our Wisconsin community search results now permits you to "find out more about" your search term at Wispolitics.com, along with all of the other sites we already offered that could provide useful related information. The Wisconsin Legal Web has turned into a powerful web knowledge ecosystem, rivaling our original Minnesota gateway.

  • April 28, 2003: Minnesota: Users of the Minnesota Legal Periodical Index can now limit the scope of articles retrieved only to those actually available online for free viewing. If you want the immediate gratification that comes from reading the articles you find -- not just knowing they exist and that you're going to have to go find them in print -- you'll definitely like this new feature. (And of course if you do not apply this limitation, the MLPI still retrieves up to a maximum of 100 articles per search drawn from its entire 20,489 record database going back to 1984.)

  • April 25, 2003: Minnesota: We published the latest update to the Minnesota Legal Periodical Index from the Minnesota State Law Library. By latest count, the Index holds 20,489 entries, each corresponding to an article appearing in a legal periodical published in Minnesota. Out of that overall total, the MLPI offers 908 livelinks to the full text of indexed articles and 1090 court case links.

  • April 21, 2003: Wisconsin: We added a link to Wisconsin appellate briefs as published in pdf format by the University of Wisconsin Law School Law Library. We also added links to access docket information for the Wisconsin appellate courts.

  • April 18, 2003: Minnesota: We added a link to the Minnesota State Law Library's issues in Minnesota appellate briefs.

  • January 20, 2003: Minnesota: The latest edition of the Minnesota Legal Periodical Index includes articles published in Minnesota legal publications through year-end 2002. Here are the stats: 19,967 articles in total, including 849 articles available on the Web and 925 case links taking you to cases discussed in articles. We don't know this for sure, but the Index is probably the Web's largest free legal bibliographic articles index containing live links to the indexed material. That's easy to say, though, because we can't think of another one at all, anywhere. This one becomes more valuable with every update.

  • January 6, 2003: We've just changed the default LawMoose home page from the Minnesota page to a community selector page, where first time visitors can select Minnesota, Wisconsin, or the World Legal Resource Center as their personalized home page.

    We have had a home page personalization feature for six months, but if you are in Minnesota, you have probably had no reason to use it before now, since Minnesota remained the default community if no personalization had been set.

    If you're in Minnesota, all you have to do to keep your Minnesota page appearing is to click on Minnesota to set it as your personalized starting community. LawMoose will put a cookie on your computer with the name of your community, and just configure itself to your setting in the future. Navigating from community to community works just as it always has.

    We changed our home page to the community selection page for our first time visitors to confirm the range of choices we offer. And we did this to improve our service to Wisconsin in particular. For several months, we have had a much broader scope of coverage than that we originally started with, i.e., Minnesota. This home page transformation provides tangible proof we are a true multi-community destination.

    Minnesota: The Minnesota Judges Directory now includes significantly more information on Minnesota judges with the addition of links to the Hennepin County Bar Association's judge pages integrated with links to official profile pages and the other content we provide about judges, drawn from the Minnesota Legal Periodical Index and LawMoose search results. We have also added some references to early judge profiles for long time sitting judges, in some cases going back as far as twenty years ago.

    Wisconsin: Our Wisconsin home page is now very closely equivalent to the Minnesota home page, with several new links to key Wisconsin legal resources, especially to sources of legal forms.


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