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Legal Articles - Minnesota Legal Periodical Index

You requested articles having title word(s) of Barry using expanded match  written by all authors  on all subjects  in all journals in MLPI  1984 - present.

MLPI found 13 articles matching your criteria. Modify your search criteria

1. "Myth of Discovery: Review Essay of Barry Schwartz's The Paradox of Choice [Symposium: Self and Other: Cognitive Perspectives on Trust, Empathy and the Self]"
Author(s): Hill, Claire A.

2. "Barry Gordy of Lawyers: In Between Court Dates, Doug Myren Finds Time to Run Two Music Labels"
Author(s): Schultz, Timothy
MINNESOTA LAW & POLITICS 36 (No. 96, May 1998)

3. "Living Outside the Box Helps Ex-Mechanic Reach New Heights: Barry Sinex's Unique Vision Has Helped Him Build Sinex Aviation Technologies Into a Potential Leader in Aircraft Maintenance Software"
Author(s): Mastbaum, Larry
6 MINNESOTA LAWYER Supp 9 (No. 39, September 30, 2002)

4. "How Barry Bonds beat the rap: local law prof Ted Sampsell-Jones notches a high-profile win"
[discussing United States v. Barry Lamar Bonds, 608 F.3d 495 (2010)]
Subject(s): CRIMINAL LAW
Author(s): Mosedale, Mike
19 MINNESOTA LAWYER 10 (No. 18, May 4, 2015)

5. "Speculation Abounds About Who Will Be the Next Supreme Court Chief: The Governor Has Many Well-Qualified Lawyers, Judges to Choose From [G.Barry Anderson, Eric Magnuson, Wilhelmina Wright]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Election/Selection, JUDGES--Profiles & PERSONALITIES
Author(s): Jones, Barbara L.
9 MINNESOTA LAWYER 4 (No. 41, October 10, 2005)

6. "Judicial Elections 2012: Seat 1 - Barry Anderson."
Subject(s): JUDGES--Election/Selection
16 MINNESOTA LAWYER 7 (No. 41, October 8, 2012)

7. "Meet Minnesota's Newest Supreme Court Justice [G. Barry Anderson]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
Author(s): Jones, Barbara L.
8 MINNESOTA LAWYER 3 (No. 36, September 6, 2004)

8. "Diverse Decisions of the Latest Justice Anderson [G. Barry Anderson]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles & COURTS--Minnesota Appellate
Author(s): Tanick, Marshall H.
8 MINNESOTA LAWYER 4 (No. 43, October 25, 2004)

9. "Three Appointed To 10th Judicial District Bench [Tammi A. Fredrickson, Douglas B. Meslow, Barry A. Sullivan][news note]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
10 MINNESOTA LAWYER 20 (No. 38, September 18, 2006)

10. "Anderson Sworn in to Minnesota Supreme Court [G. Barry Anderson] [news note]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
8 MINNESOTA LAWYER 17 (No. 42, October 18, 2004)

11. "Governor Appoints Three to District and Supreme Courts [Elena L. Ostby, Mary Yunker, G. Barry Anderson] [news note]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles & JUDGES--Election/Selection
8 MINNESOTA LAWYER 4 (No. 36, September 6, 2004)

12. "Gov. Carlson's Four Judicial Appointments [news note] [Russell Anderson, Lancaster, G. Barry Anderson, Krause]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
2 MINNESOTA LAWYER 1 (No. 21, May 22, 1998)

13. "Judicial Profiles: Russell A. Anderson; Joan Ericksen Lancaster; G. Barry Anderson; Raymond R. Krause"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
2 MINNESOTA LAWYER 3 (No. 21, May 22, 1998)

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