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Legal Articles - Minnesota Legal Periodical Index

You requested articles having title word(s) of Byron using expanded match  written by all authors  on all subjects  in all journals in MLPI  1984 - present.

MLPI found 19 articles matching your criteria. Modify your search criteria

1. "Ads Take Top Honors [Fredrikson & Byron] [news note]"
Subject(s): LAWYERS--Advertising, Marketing
49 BENCH & BAR OF MINNESOTA 8 (No. 8, September, 1992)

2. "Firm's Ads Honored [Fredrikson & Byron] [news note]"
Subject(s): LAWYERS--Specific Firms & LAWYERS--Advertising, Marketing
48 BENCH & BAR OF MINNESOTA 6 (No. 11, December 1991)

3. "Law Firm Awards Scholarship to Minority Student [Fredrikson & Byron] [news note]"
Subject(s): LAWYERS--Specific Firms & LEGAL EDUCATION
47 BENCH & BAR OF MINNESOTA 9 (No. 10, November 1990)

4. "Fredrikson & Byron Endows U of M Professorship [news note]"
43 BENCH & BAR OF MINNESOTA 11 (No. 9, October 1986)

5. "Inside the Lawyers Studio: Two Film Directors Are Bringing Emotion Into the Lives of Attorneys at Fredrikson & Byron"
Subject(s): PLEADING & PRACTICE & LAWYERS--Specific Firms
Author(s): Befort, Anna
MINNESOTA LAW & POLITICS 33 (No. 155, December/January 2006)

6. "Raymond Lazar Jumps to Fredrikson & Byron [news note]"
Subject(s): LAWYERS--Specific Firms
1 MINNESOTA LAW JOURNAL 4 (No. 19, November 21, 1986)

7. "Lawyers and Clients Build Home and Client Relationships [Fredrikson & Byron] [news note]"
Subject(s): HOUSING & LAWYERS--Specific Firms
7 MINNESOTA LAWYER 2 (No. 25, June 23, 2003)

8. "White Bear Lake Legal Team [2017 Attorneys of the Year] [Katie Crosby Lehmann] [Michael V. Ciresi] [Heather McElroy] [Byron E. Starns] [Daniel L. Scott] [Richard B. Allyn]"
Subject(s): LAWYERS & ENVIRONMENTAL LAW--Water & Wetlands
Author(s): Heilman, Dan
91 MINNESOTA LAWYER S-50 (No. 74, February 8, 2018)

9. "Amber S. Brown: Associate, Fredrikson & Byron."
Subject(s): LAWYERS
Author(s): Heilman, Dan
17 MINNESOTA LAWYER S-12 (September 2013)

10. "Byron Starns: Stinson Leonard Street. [2013 Attorneys of the Year]"
Author(s): Millard, Elizabeth
18 MINNESOTA LAWYER S-57 (No. 8, February 24, 2014)

11. "Up & Coming Attorneys: Harleigh E. Brown: Fredrikson & Byron, P.A."
Subject(s): LAWYERS--Directories/Lists & PERSONALITIES
Author(s): Heilman, Dan
11 MINNESOTA LAWYER S-5 (No. 22, May 28, 2007)

12. "Talk of Firms Merging Could be a Sign of the Times [Leonard, Street and Deinard; Fredrikson & Byron] [Consolidation, Globalization May Reshape Twin Cities' Legal Community]"
Subject(s): LAWYERS--Specific Firms
Author(s): Brommer, Alice Sherren
4 MINNESOTA LAWYER 3 (No. 22, May 29, 2000)

13. "Capitol Idea: Fredrikson & Byron's Entry Into Government Relations Illustrates How Law Firms Are Branching Into Lobbying"
Subject(s): LAWYERS--Specific Firms & LEGISLATIVE PROCESS
Author(s): Cohen, Mark A.
10 MINNESOTA LAWYER 1 (No. 32, August 7, 2006)

14. "Side Businesses Make For Healthier Bottom Lines: Two Local Firms Have Supplemented Their Traditional Law Business With Health-Care Consultancies [Fredrikson & Byron; Halleland, Lewis, Nilan & Johnson]"
Subject(s): LAWYERS--Specific Firms & LAW OFFICE MANAGEMENT
Author(s): Pribek, Jane
11 MINNESOTA LAWYER 1 (No. 27, July 2, 2007)

15. "2009 Unsung Legal Heroes: Robert Nelsen, Application Integration Specialist, Fredrikson & Byron."
Author(s): Anderson, Tony
14 MINNESOTA LAWYER S-13 (No. 39, September 27, 2010)

16. "2009 Unsung Legal Heroes: Boyd Savage, IT Manager, Fredrikson & Byron."
Author(s): Anderson, Tony
14 MINNESOTA LAWYER S-15 (No. 39, September 27, 2010)

17. "Top Women In Finance: Melodie Rose: Frederickson & Byron"
Author(s): Krieger, Michael
10 MINNESOTA LAWYER S-21 (No. 45, November 6, 2006)

18. "2008 Unsung Legal Heroes: Renee Kleinjan, Legal Secretary, Fredrikson & Byron, P.A."
12 MINNESOTA LAWYER S-22 (No. 37, September 15, 2008)

19. "2008 Unsung Legal Heroes: Bonnie O'Malley, Paralegal, Fredrikson & Byron, P.A."
12 MINNESOTA LAWYER S-27 (No. 37, September 15, 2008)

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