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Legal Articles - Minnesota Legal Periodical Index

You requested articles having title word(s) of Magnuson using expanded match  written by all authors  on all subjects  in all journals in MLPI  1984 - present.

MLPI found 30 articles matching your criteria. Modify your search criteria

1. "Magnuson, Holden Receive Alumni Awards [Paul A. Magnuson][Susan M. Holden][news note]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles & PERSONALITIES
63 BENCH & BAR OF MINNESOTA 10 (No. 10, November 2006)

2. "Essays in Honor of the 25th Anniversary of Hamline University School of Law: Essay by Judge Magnuson"
Author(s): Magnuson, Judge
23 HAMLINE LAW REVIEW vii (No. 2, Spring 2000)

3. "Once Bitten, Twice Bitten: The Minnesota Court of Appeals Limits the Recover of Sex Abuse Victims in Oelschlager v. Magnuson"
[discussing Oelschlager v. Magnuson, 528 N.W.2d 895 (Minn. Ct. App. 1995)]
Author(s): McGhee, Douglas
15 LAW & INEQUALITY 191 (No. 1, Winter 1997)

4. "New Officers: Phillip A. Cole; Thomas R. Thibodeau; Eric J. Magnuson"
7 MINNESOTA DEFENSE 16 (No. 3, Summer 1986)

5. "Can an Uptown Lawyer Pastor a Downtown Church? Roger Magnuson Balances Calls from the President with Calls from Inner-City Parishioners"
Author(s): Koepnick, Sara
MINNESOTA LAW & POLITICS 15 (No. 137, December/January 2003)

6. "Magnuson to convention attendees: 'We've reached the tipping point'"
Subject(s): COURTS--Minnesota
Author(s): Heilman, Dan
12 MINNESOTA LAWYER 12 (No. 25, June 23, 2008)

7. "As Chief, Magnuson wrote Key Court Decisions."
Subject(s): JUDGES & COURTS
Author(s): Tanick, Marshall H.
14 MINNESOTA LAWYER 10 (No. 13, March 29, 2010)

8. "Speculation Abounds About Who Will Be the Next Supreme Court Chief: The Governor Has Many Well-Qualified Lawyers, Judges to Choose From [G.Barry Anderson, Eric Magnuson, Wilhelmina Wright]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Election/Selection, JUDGES--Profiles & PERSONALITIES
Author(s): Jones, Barbara L.
9 MINNESOTA LAWYER 4 (No. 41, October 10, 2005)

9. "Bar Gives a Big Thumbs Up to the New Chief Justice [Eric Magnuson]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
Author(s): Cohen, Mark A.
12 MINNESOTA LAWYER 1 (No. 12, March 24, 2008)

10. "Hail to the New Chief! Magnuson Sworn in as State's 21st Chief Justice"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
Author(s): Heilman, Dan
12 MINNESOTA LAWYER 1 (No. 23, June 9, 2008)

11. "Incoming Chief Justice: Brace for Tough Times: Magnuson Warns of Effects of Belt-Tightening"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles & COURTS--Minnesota
Author(s): Heilman, Dan
12 MINNESOTA LAWYER 3 (No. 21, May 26, 2008)

12. "Chiefly speaking: Eric Magnuson on starting his new job"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
Author(s): Jones, Barbara L.
12 MINNESOTA LAWYER 3 (No. 25, June 23, 2008)

13. "Senior Judicial Status Does Not Slow Down Paul A. Magnuson"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
Author(s): Lore, Michelle
7 MINNESOTA LAWYER 1 (No. 48, December 1, 2003)

14. "Pawlenty Makes Two Key Legal Appointments [Hvass; Magnuson] [news note]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles & JUDGES--Election/Selection
7 MINNESOTA LAWYER 2 (No. 1, January 6, 2003)

15. "Senators Push Magnuson for Appeals Court [news note]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
4 MINNESOTA LAWYER 4 (No. 4, February 1989)

16. "Magnuson Proclaims 'Juror Appreciation Week'. [news note]"
Subject(s): JURIES
14 MINNESOTA LAWYER 4 (No. 18, May 3, 2010)

17. "Magnuson jumps to Robins, Kaplan: Seeks bigger platform for appellate work."
Author(s): Jones, Barbara L.
17 MINNESOTA LAWYER 1 (No. 36, September 9, 2013)

18. "Attorneys of the Year: Eric Magnuson: an Attorney Who is Always Appealing"
Author(s): Brommer, Alice Sherren
5 MINNESOTA LAWYER S-11 (No. 3, January 15, 2001)

19. "Kevin M. Magnuson: Business Lawyer Wouldn't Trade His Pro Bono"
Author(s): Lore, Michelle
8 MINNESOTA LAWYER S-11 (No. 20, May 17, 2004)

20. "Roger J. Magnuson: Led Megamall Plaintiffs to a Mega Win [in Attorneys of the Year 2003 Special Section]"
Author(s): Lore, Michelle
8 MINNESOTA LAWYER S-19 (No. 7, February 16, 2004)

21. "Roger Magnuson: Led Megamall Owners to a Mega Win"
Author(s): Lore, Michelle
7 MINNESOTA LAWYER 3 (No. 40, October 6, 2003)

22. "Interview With Pawlenty's Top Advisor on Judicial Picks: Attorney Eric Magnuson is Comfortable at the Helm of the Judicial Selection Commission"
Subject(s): PERSONALITIES & JUDGES--Election/Selection
Author(s): Lore, Michelle
7 MINNESOTA LAWYER 1 (No. 15, April 14, 2003)

23. "10 Legal Newsmakers of the Decade: Kathleen Blatz, Gail Chang Bohr, Mike Ciresi, Norm Coleman, Amy Klobuchar, Eric Magnuson, Thomas Mengler, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Marianne Short, Edward Toussaint, Jr. [10th Anniversary Special Section]"
12 MINNESOTA LAWYER Supp 18 (No. 23, June 9, 2008)

24. "Twin Cities Top Women in Finance [Ballsrud; Davis; DesRoches; Duevel; Ewing; Fuller; Goff; Grandstrand; Griffith; Jepperson; Magnuson; Thompson] [Supplement to Finance and Commerce, Minnesota Lawyer and the St. Paul Legal Ledger - October 2003]"
7 MINNESOTA LAWYER Supplement (No. 44, November 3, 2003)

25. "Magnuson Heads New 8th Circuit Bar Association [news note]"
[URL: http://www.riderlaw.com/eighth_circuit_bar.html].
7 MINNESOTA LAWYER 2 (No. 6, February 10, 2003)

26. "Assistant City Attorney [Nancy Magnuson] Had No License to Practice [news note]"
3 MINNESOTA LAWYER 6 (No. 7, May 1988)

27. "Magnuson Recuses Self from Sentencing in Drug Case"
Subject(s): SENTENCING
5 MINNESOTA LAWYER 3 (No. 5, January 29, 2001)

28. "Magnuson; Act now on MSOP. Task force chair warns of legal consequences."
Author(s): Demko, Paul
17 MINNESOTA LAWYER 3 (No. 10, March 11, 2013)

29. "18 Lawyers to Watch in '94: A Jury of Their Peers Picks Tomorrow's Hot Lawyers Carey; HVASS; TUNHEIM; DOLAN; APTER; WICKS; WALBURN; MICHEL; REYELTS; SHEA; LEWIS; PETERSON; GREENE; MORROW; KEYES; MAGNUSON; ABDO"
Author(s): Simon, Stephen
8 MINNESOTA'S JOURNAL OF LAW & POLITICS 13 (No. 7 [41], October 1993)

30. "IOLTA Marks Five Years: Magnuson, Saeks Step Down"
5 MSBA IN BRIEF 1 (No. 1, January 1989)

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