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Legal Articles - Minnesota Legal Periodical Index

You requested articles having title word(s) of Wright using expanded match  written by all authors  on all subjects  in all journals in MLPI  1984 - present.

MLPI found 32 articles matching your criteria. Modify your search criteria

1. "Wright's appointment continues Second District's distinguished connection with Federal District Court"
Subject(s): JUDGES & COURTS--Federal
Author(s): Boyd, Thomas H.
28 BARRISTER [Ramsey County Bar Association] 2 (No. 2, March/April, 2016)

2. "Judge Wright Appointed to the Ramsey County Bench"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
Author(s): Boyd, Tom
12 BARRISTER [Ramsey County Bar Association] 1 (No. 10, November 2000)

3. "Capacity of Outrage: The Judicial Odyssey of J. Skelly Wright"
[Book Review: Capacity of Outrage: The Judicial Odyssey of J. Skelly Wright by Arthur Selwyn Miller].
Subject(s): BOOK REVIEW
Author(s): Van den Haag, Ernest
2 CONSTITUTIONAL COMMENTARY 469 (No. 2, Summer 1985)

4. "On Courts and Democracy: Selected Nonjudicial Writings of J. Skelly Wright"
[Book Review: On Courts and Democracy: Selected Nonjudicial Writings J. S. Wright by Arthur Selwyn Miller, ed.].
Subject(s): BOOK REVIEW
Author(s): Van den Haag, Ernest
2 CONSTITUTIONAL COMMENTARY 469 (No. 2, Summer 1985)

5. "God's People in God's Land: Family, Land, and Property in the Old Testament, by Christopher J.H. Wright"
Subject(s): BOOK REVIEW
Author(s): Burnette-Bletsch, Rhonda
17 JOURNAL OF LAW & RELIGION 331 (No. 1 & 2, 2002)

6. "Heads of the Family: Meet Three Family-Law Lawyers You Want On Your Side in a Domestic Dispute [Ed Winer: Hopeless Romantic; Linda Olup: Diva of Divorce; Wright Walling: System Is Endemically Terrible]"
Author(s): Thornton, Patrick & Wiley, Carolyn
MINNESOTA LAW & POLITICS 26 (No. 132, February/March 2002)

7. "10 Titans of the Minnesota Senate, 1950-2000: The Greatest Senators of the Last Half-Century [Rosenmeier, Moe, Coleman, Wright, Merriam, Holmquist, Spear, Davies, Sinclair, Johnson]"
Author(s): Lahammer, Gene
MINNESOTA LAW & POLITICS 22 (No. 126, April/May 2001)

8. "Judge Wright Was Right: The Courts are a Lousy Place to Regulate Interpersonal Behavior, as Evidenced by the Paula Jones Case"
Author(s): Kostouros, John
MINNESOTA LAW & POLITICS 42 (No. 96, May 1998)

9. "Wright parries questions about race, property"
Subject(s): COURTS--Federal
Author(s): Jones, Barbara L.
19 MINNESOTA LAWYER 2 (No. 30, July 27, 2015)

10. "Wright and Rodenberg Reappointed to Judicial Council [news note]"
Subject(s): COURTS--Minnesota & JUDGES--Profiles
12 MINNESOTA LAWYER 13 (No. 9, March 3, 2008)

11. "Kanabec and Wright Counties to Begin Safe Cab Program. [news note]"
13 MINNESOTA LAWYER 2 (No. 36, September 7, 2009)

12. "No Mudslinging in Wright County [For County Attorney--Kelly; MacPhail; Lostetter]"
Author(s): Becker, Brian
2 MINNESOTA LAWYER 1 (No. 34, August 21, 1998)

13. "Speculation Abounds About Who Will Be the Next Supreme Court Chief: The Governor Has Many Well-Qualified Lawyers, Judges to Choose From [G.Barry Anderson, Eric Magnuson, Wilhelmina Wright]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Election/Selection, JUDGES--Profiles & PERSONALITIES
Author(s): Jones, Barbara L.
9 MINNESOTA LAWYER 4 (No. 41, October 10, 2005)

14. "Finalists named to replace Judge Wright. [news note]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Election/Selection
16 MINNESOTA LAWYER 4 (No. 47, November 19, 2012)

15. "Three Appellate Court Judges Sworn in [Meyer; Wright; Hanson] [news note]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Election/Selection
6 MINNESOTA LAWYER 2 (No. 36, September 9, 2002)

16. "Finalists Named for Court of Appeals Vacancy [Swenson, Wright, Hudson, Fluegel] [news note]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Election/Selection
6 MINNESOTA LAWYER 2 (No. 17, April 29, 2002)

17. "Wright: Recognition of this moment is important."
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles & JUDGES--Election/Selection
16 MINNESOTA LAWYER 1 (No. 35, August 27, 2012)

18. "MWL Bestows Several Awards At Its Annual Meeting [Wright; Leonard, Street and Deinard] [news note]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles & LAWYERS--Specific Firms
10 MINNESOTA LAWYER 2 (No. 24, June 12, 2006)

19. "Hanson and Meyer Appointed to Supreme Court, Wright Elevated to Court of Appeals"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
6 MINNESOTA LAWYER 1 (No. 23, June 10, 2002)

20. "Court Picks Well-Know, Respected in Legal Circles [Hanson, Meyer, Wright]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
6 MINNESOTA LAWYER 23 (No. 23, June 10, 2002)

21. "Judge Wright Feels at Home on the Ramsey County Bench"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
5 MINNESOTA LAWYER 1 (No. 13, March 26, 2001)

22. "First Black Woman Named to Ramsey County Bench [Wilhelmina "Mimi" Wright] [news note]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
4 MINNESOTA LAWYER 2 (No. 38, September 18, 2000)

23. "CDF Founder To Speak At Macalester Commencement [Children's Defense Fund][Marian Wright Edelman][news note]"
11 MINNESOTA LAWYER 2 (No. 19, May 7, 2007)

24. "Supreme Court returns to clergy sex crime law: Justices Wright and Dietzen recused."
Author(s): Jones, Barbara L.
18 MINNESOTA LAWYER 3 (No. 45, November 10, 2014)

25. "Wright County cancels contract with ex-priest. [news note]"
17 MINNESOTA LAWYER 5 (No. 52, December 30, 2013)

26. "Spotlight on Judge Wilhelmina "Mimi" Wright"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
Author(s): Chutich, Margaret H.
24 MINNESOTA WOMEN LAWYERS (MWL) 4 (No. 8, April 2001)

27. "Candlin & Wright Honored [ with Diversity Award]"
Subject(s): LAWYERS--Specific Firms
19 MINNESOTA WOMEN LAWYERS (MWL) 3 (No. 1, Summer 1995)

28. "Marian Wright Edelman Awarded Medal of Freedom [news note]"
24 MINNESOTA WOMEN LAWYERS (MWL) 11 (No. 2, September 2000)

29. "Marian Wright Edelman Speaks at MWL 28th Annual Meeting"
23 MINNESOTA WOMEN LAWYERS (MWL) 1 (No. 10, June 2000)

30. "Marian Wright Edelman"
23 MINNESOTA WOMEN LAWYERS (MWL) 1 (No. 9, May 2000)

31. "Myra Bradwell Award Acceptance Remarks [Wright]"
Subject(s): JUDGES--Profiles
Author(s): Wright, Wilhemina
30 WITH EQUAL RIGHT [Minnesota Women Lawyers] 12 (No. 2, Fall 2006)

32. "Member Spotlight: Melissa Wright"
Author(s): Brown, Anne Greenwood
40 WITH EQUAL RIGHT [Minnesota Women Lawyers] -- (No. 1, Fall 2015)

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