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On May 28, 1999, the U.S. House of Representatives ceased publication of the Internet Law Library. Although the House redirected visitors to successor sites such as ours for a time, that service was discontinued. We therefore suggest that you reset any links and bookmarks you may have had to the former site at http://law.house.gov.

Our address (URL) for the former House of Representatives Internet Law Library, now the Internet Law Library at Pritchard Law Webs, is: http://www.priweb.com/internetlawlib/.

If your government, professional, academic, business, or non-profit organization site relinks to the Internet Law Library at Pritchard Law Webs, we would be pleased to post an acknowledgement link.

If you relink from http://law.house.gov or add a new link, please let us know. Just drop us an email with your site name, linking page, and a contact name and E-mail address.

We Are Pleased to Acknowledge the Following Sites as Among Those Linking to the Internet Law Library at Pritchard Law Webs:

Internet Law Library Home

LawMoose World Legal Resource Center Home

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